Grade 6 to Grade 8

At St. Mark’s we are committed to the growth and development of the whole child. This begins with the belief that God’s children are beings in the image and likeness of God, they are not only test takers, the future workforce or little troublemakers. They are beings with minds that need nurturing, hearts that need affection and wills that need strengthening in truth. Our curriculum design is intended to strengthen every God given faculty so that they may grow up to, see the beauty in God’s creation, understand the natural laws of creation, and be empowered to be good stewards of creation. Hence, there is an equal place for the Humanities, Arts, and Sciences.

We urge our teachers to remember that our children are not only cerebral and therefore their hearts must be stirred to find joy in learning and the fellowship of the entire school. In class they are to be reminded of their God given potential and in chapel they are drawn to the awareness of God’s love and concern for their welfare. As stewards of God’s children it is also our responsibility to train them in making healthy decisions. Life generally presents itself as a series of choices and our children must learn to choose that which is good for their welfare and pleasing in the sight of God. At St. Mark’s we would like every child to become well rounded individuals that are able to live in full and not just survive but thrive. Our concern is for the whole child.

Our Mission

The St. Mark’s Day School promotes educational integrity, moral strength, personal responsibility and cultural awareness. The school is driven by the pursuit of academic excellence within a religious community creating a foundation for lifetime learning.

My Educational Philosophy

by Mr. Marlon Brown, Dean of Students Affairs

Teachers are an innovative, dedicated and devoted group of individuals who have been entrusted with the task of enhancing students' knowledge in particular content areas. This knowledge must be balanced with a variety of other opportunities to improve the students' inter-personal relationship skills, an understanding of technology and a broader knowledge of the resources that exist within the environment.
Hence my following beliefs:
I strongly believe that education is a process rather than a product
I believe in the diversity of education.
I believe in being a facilitator of learning.
I believe that students must not be considered as 'tabla rasa' , a blank slate.

I choose to relate knowledge, especially in the area of Mathematics, to the environment to maintain an appreciation for the world around us.